Stratum urls: (Please specify several server, currently some may get down)
Germany Germany Canada South US Russia Hong Kong Buenos Aires
Server IP
Port 16061
SSL 16062

Default start difficulty: 1
Pool have variable difficulty
Create a wallet:
Mexc exchange:
Txbit exchange:

Currently only this miners support pool mining:

Simple start command line(Ubuntu):

./kaspa-miner -s stratum+tcp:// -a WALLET_ADDRESS

./bzminer -a kaspa -w WALLET_ADDRESS -p stratum+tcp://

./SRBMiner-MULTI --disable-cpu --algorithm kaspa --pool!!! --wallet WALLET_ADDRESS --password x

./lolMiner --algo ETHASH --pool --user WALLET_ADDRESS --worker lolMinerWorker --dualmode KASPADUAL --dualpool --dualuser WALLET_ADDRESS --dualworker lolMinerWorker --apiport 8020 --watchdog exit

P.S. For connecting you can use address without kaspa: prefix, some mining OS can't configure flight sheet correctly because of this prefix

HiveOS and RaveOS :